Which 2022 Audi A4 should you choose according to your driving style and occupations?

By Audi Blainville
Published on 08/17/2022
side by side view of 3 Audi A4 2022 models

Production for the Audi A4 began in 1994. For 28 years now, it has, for many, served to confirm that not only is Audi a premium vehicle manufacturer, it is also worthy of the title. In fact, this Audi luxury compact sedan was, from the very beginning, a worthy opponent to all of its rivals of the times (mostly German). It offered a level of refinement that had never been seen before in its category, especially in terms of technology, comfort and performance. German vehicle amateurs quickly understood this, and sales for the A4 kept increasing to a very impressive number. Fueled by this success, throughout the years and generations, Audi developed several models and versions of the A4 to offer its loyal consumers more choices of performance levels and body types.

Now in its fifth generation, the A4 is available –in Canada- in a sedan version, an allroad family adventurer version, and a sporty S4 version. Different versions translates into more options and choices, and you can be sure there will be an A4 for everyone. However, this generous variety can also make the choice more difficult. So, which version of the A4 is perfect for you? Audi Blainville, your Audi dealership in Blainville, helps you choose the A4 that is best suited to your needs, in this friendly comparison between the 2022 Audi A4 sedan vs the 2022 Audi A4 allroad vs the 2022 Audi S4 sedan. Keep reading to find out more!

When it comes to exterior style, they share several features in common, although each version has its own character.

In this comparison between the 2022 A4 sedan, the 2022 A4 allroad and the 2022 S4 sedan, let’s begin with the exteriors. After all, the very first thing you will notice is exactly that: how each version flahses its unique character through the design and style of its body and exterior. Since the 2022 A4 sedan, the 2022 A4 allroad and the 2022 S4 sedan are all part of the Audi Canada “A4” or “S4” models, logically, they will share similar traits and have common features: the Singleframe grille, sculpted headlights for an intimidating look, prominent spoilers, curved flanks that make the sides look incredibly muscular, and taillights that are just as chiseled and sharp as the headlights. All three versions wear the latest in terms of Audi exterior design proudly, and each is more beautiful than the next!

Frontal side view of a 2022 Audi A4 Allroad

Even with these similarities, each version also has a unique personality, which shines through key elements and differences that are easily noticed. For example, the 2022 Audi A4 sedan has beehive shaped openings in the front radiator grille, and spoilers in the same color as the body, while the 2022 A4 allroad boasts vertical slats in the grille and spoilers are matte black. As for the S4 sedan compared to the “regular” 2022 A4 sedan, you will notice a more prominent rear spoiler and four oval shaped sports exhaust tips, compared to only two rectangular exhaust tips on the A4.

However, the main difference between the A4, S4 and A4 allroad is in the body. As their name indicates and as seen above, the A4 and S4 are sedans, while the 2022 Audi A4 allroad is a family adventurer. This means that the 2022 A4 and S4 both have a more dynamic exterior design, while the more massive “allroad” has greater dimensions and volume, and its body is more imposing and commands respect everywhere it goes.

Verdict :

  • If you prefer the sportier style a sedan offers while taking full advantage of an elegant look that fits in anywhere, then you should opt for the 2022 A4 sedan.
  • If you want to take full advantage of a sedan design, but wish to take the sporty aspect to another level, choose the 2022 Audi S4 sedan.
  • If you love the idea of having the perfect family companion in all of your adventures, which is also as comfortable on paved or non-paved roads, and/or you are looking for an exterior style that is both original and charismatic, then the 2022 Audi A4 allroad is made for you.

Outstanding mechanical skills, but different options of performance levels for each model.

You know it as well as we do: a premium vehicle is judged first and foremost on its technical specifications, and not on its body design. The 2022 A4 is no exception to this rule. However, no need to worry! The 2022 A4 sedan, S4 sedan and A4 allroad are all more than worthy of their badge!

For the 2022 A4, you can choose a very dynamic 2.0 L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 201 horsepower and 236 lb-ft. maximum torque, found in the A4 Komfort 40 TSFI quattro. This engine gives the Audi premium compact sedan impressive performance and power, with a 0-100 km/hr reached in as little as 6.7 seconds (according to the manufacturer), while remaining extremely reasonable in terms of consumption numbers (9.1 – 7.0 – 8.2 L/100km city/highway/combined).

If you are looking for more power, but without going for the very sporty S4, Audi has the perfect option for you! In fact, you could decide to opt for another 2.0 L 4- cylinder turbocharged engine, but with 261 horsepower and 273 lb-ft. maximum torque. This engine –found on all of the 2022 A4 45 TFSI Quattro- gives you real sports performance, since the 0-100 km/hr is pulverised in only 5.5 seconds. Given the added power, consumption numbers are obviously affected, and yet they remain very good (9.8 – 7.6 – 8.8 L/100 km, city/highway/combined). In both cases, the 2022 A4 sedan is equipped with a 7- speed automatic transmission that is just as smooth as is it efficient, placing power where it should be.

Frontal side view of a 2022 Audi S4 on a country road

Still want more? No need to worry: Audi has thought of an ultra-sporty version, the 2022 Audi S4 sedan! Powered by a noble and extremely performant 3.0 L turbocharged V6 with 349 horsepower and 369 lb-ft. maximum torque, and coupled with an 8- speed automatic transmission, the S4 can crush the 0-100 km/hr in as little as 4.7 seconds, and reach a top speed of 249 km/hr on racetrack! Most surprising yet remain the consumption numbers that, even if they are higher than those for the A4 sedan engines, are really reasonable when you consider all the power it offers (11.1 – 8.0 – 9.7 L/100 km city/highway/combined).

If, on the other hand, you are looking to combine sportiness with off-road skills, only the 2022 A4 allroad and its ground clearance (that is higher than the sedan by 34 millimetres), will be the right fit for you. With its 4- cylinder 1 984 cm³ turbocharged engine offering the same power and torque as the A4 sedan (261 hp/273 lb-ft.), the “allroad” is almost as fast as the latter (0-100 km/hr in 5.8 seconds!). Since this version is larger and more voluminous, it logically requires slightly higher consumption numbers than the A4 with the same engine (9.8 – 7.9 – 8.9 L/100 km – city/highway/combined), but given the added off-road skills, the compromise is definitely well worth it! Just like the A4 sedan, the allroad relies on a remarkable 7- speed automatic transmission.

Finally, we have saved the best for last when it comes to mechanical components: the quattro all-wheel drive! It is so efficient that its reputation precedes it. It is also standard offered on all 2022 Audi A4. You will thus be able to take full advantage of everything your 2022 A4 has to offer, even in the midst of winter! However efficient all versions are, the allroad remains the best in terms of traction, with its higher ground clearance allowing it to truly shine when the time comes for off-road adventures. This is an excellent option should you have a cottage deep in the woods, somewhere in the Laurentians!

Verdict :

  • Choose the A4 40 TFSI quattro sedan if you want a dynamic vehicle, but fuel-efficiency is a priority for you.
  • Select a 2022 A4 45 TFSI quattro sedan if you are looking for the perfect balance between sportiness and fuel consumption.
  • Opt for the 2022 S4 sedan if you are, first and foremost, looking for noble mechanics and/or the highest levels of performance in the A4 family.
  • Consider the 2022 A4 allroad if you want to take full advantage of Audi performance as much on the road as off-road, but you do not want an SUV.

Outstanding interiors with cutting-edge technologies and remarkable fit and finishes, but that vary depending on selected model.

Third and last aspect in this friendly comparison of the 2022 A4 sedan, S4 sedan and A4 allroad: the interiors! All three share in common the fact that they have enough space to welcome up to 5 passengers and, mostly, they all offer fit and finishes that are worthy of superior premium vehicle categories. Whatever version of the A4 you have your heart set on, only the highest quality materials have been used, and fit and finishes are incredibly well adjusted and built to last.

However, there is one significant difference: cargo space! The A4 and S4 sedans’ trunk can hold up to 12 ft.3 of cargo, while the allroad doubles that number and offers 24 ft.3! This means that if you regularly haul large objects, the allroad will be the perfect fit for you. Since when it comes to added equipment, all versions offer the same levels of luxury: adaptive cruise control with start/stop function, road sign recognition, induction charger for smartphone, and Bang & Olufsen premium sound system. Depending on what 2022 A4 (sedan or allroad) or S4 model you have your heart set on, you will take advantage of outstanding levels of refinement and added technologies that beats all the competition close to Blainville!

Comparative view of 3 Audi 2022 model's interiors
Verdict :
  • Opt for the 2022 A4 or the S4 sedan for the perfect compromise between versatility and comfort.
  • If, on the other hand, you are looking for a maximum of interior space for all of your activities, then only the allroad with its spacious trunk will be able to give you everything you need!

Still undecided? Contact one of our specialists at Audi Blanville today, your Audi dealership in Blainville, the North shore of Montreal and all of the Laurentians! It will be our pleasure to cater to all of your needs and answer all of your questions. We will take advantage of your visit to tell you all you need to know about Audi offers and Audi leasing/financing programs that will allow you to leave at the wheel of your very own premium compact Audi Sedan, Audi luxury sports sedan or compact Audi family adventurer. We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon at our Audi dealership in Blainville!

Technical specifications for the 2022 A4, 2022 S4 and 2022 A4 allroad*, at a glance:

Model Version Engine /cyl./power/torque Drivetrain/ transmission Conso (city/hwy/comb)  – L/100 km)
2022 Audi A4 sedan Komfort 40 TFSI quattro 2.0 L/4- cyl. turbo/201 hp/236 lb-ft. AWD/7- speed Auto. 9,1/7,0/8,2
Komfort 45 TFSI quattro 2.0 L/4- cyl. turbo/261 hp/273 lb-ft. 9,8/7,6/8,8
Progressiv 45 TFSI quattro
Technik 45 TFSI quattro
S4 Progressiv 2.0 L/ turbo/ V6 /349 hp/369 lb-ft. AWD/8- speed Auto. 11,1/8,0/9,7
S4 Technik
Audi A4 allroad 2022 Komfort 45 TFSI S tronic quattro 4- cyl. turbo/1,984 cm³/261 hp/273 lb-ft. AWD/7- speed Auto. 9,8/7,9/8,9
Progressiv 45 TFSI S tronic quattro
Technik 45 TFSI S tronic quattro
Model Version 0-100 km/hr Seating Cargo
2022 Audi A4 sedan Komfort 40 TFSI quattro 6,7 sec (manuf.) 5 340 l (12 ft³)
Komfort 45 TFSI quattro 5,5 sec (manuf.)
Progressiv 45 TFSI quattro
Technik 45 TFSI quattro
S4 Progressiv 4,7 sec (manuf.)
S4 Technik
Audi A4 allroad 2022 Komfort 45 TFSI S tronic quattro 5,8 sec. 685 L (24 ft³)
Progressiv 45 TFSI S tronic quattro
Technik 45 TFSI S tronic quattro

*All data in this article is considered to be exact at the time it is written. However, mistakes can always occur. The manufacturer also reserves the right to make changes to this information without prior notice. So, for any specific question regarding a model, please contact us directly.

Side rear view of a 2022 Audi S4 on a forest road

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