Test drive of the 2022 SQ5 Sportback close to Blainville: what a road trip!

By Audi Blainville
Published on 10/01/2021
lateral view of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback

From the very beginning of its production, in 2008, the Q5 has never ceased to impress. Powerful, with esthetics and style true to Audi’s purest traditions, cutting edge technology, top performance capacities, it has been and remains one of the top vehicles in its category from the North Shore of Montreal all the way to the heart of the Laurentians.

Despite its incredible success, some Audi lovers were disappointed to see the sport version of the SUV go. Desirous of meeting its customer’s expectations, Audi quickly opted to make an “S” version of the Q5 available for purchase. Others were hoping for an enhanced athletic look, so that the sport utility vehicle offered SUV fans a physique which was more indicative of the optimal power of performance the brand offers. Once again, Audi paid close attention to consumers’ desires and promptly got the job done by commercializing an SUV coupe: the Q5 Sportback. This model also offers an “S” version, as does every other.

Audi Blainville, your reference for everything Audi from the North Shore of Montreal to the Laurentians, took the Q5 out for a test drive. Read on to find the review for the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback!

A more muscular and athletic look for the 2022 SQ5 Sportback!

We first laid eyes on the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback, on a bright summer day, in the parking lot of the Audi Blainville dealership. From the very first seconds, we were charmed!

The exterior of this version of the SQ5 is a true esthetic success. It combines the perfect harmony of the SQ5 classic design with a sporty twist, notably with the sleek sloping roofline at the rear. The geometrical headlights, the gigantic monoframe radiator grille, the ribbed hood, the augmented ground clearance which enhances the incredibly well sculpted flanks and curved wings, the coupe style, the inclined rear windshield overhanging a sturdy bucket seat and the magnificent taillights, all work together in order to bring athletic elegance and style to the SQ5 2022. The design is sure to set a new standard for vehicles in its category.

three quarter front view of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback

On top of a dashing and refined body, it is the “S” characteristics and charm of the SQ5 we tested that really took it to the next level. The play of colors between body and rims was stunning. Featuring an ultra-metallic blue exterior and 21 inch Turbine rims, behind which popped bright red brake calipers, our sports utility coupe knocked our socks right off!

close up front view of the front grille of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback

A high level spec sheet which will be difficult to rival with in all of the Blainville and Laurentians area!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that an Audi SUV (and especially S models) must absolutely meet the highest of Audi’s standards in terms of sportiness… And these standards are incredibly high!

Our new 2022 SQ5 Sportback is no exception to the rule. We were quickly reassured of this when popping open the hood and seeing the engine, a noble 2 9995 cm³ turbo compressed V6, with 349 horsepower and a maximum engine torque of 369 lb-ft. This motor presses all of its horsepower down through its 8 speed Tiptronic transmission and allows the 2022 SQ5 Sportback to reach the 0-100km/hr in just 5.0 seconds. All of this with a top speed of 249 km/hr according to Audi Canada.

What impressed us the most was the incredible feeling of the Quattro all-wheel drive, whose efficiency speaks for itself. It is no secret that Audi offers one of the best of its kind in the industry. It allows the driver to enjoy all of what the 2022 SQ5 Sportback has to offer in terms of power, efficiency and security, even in the worst of road conditions.

Impressive! Now here we are bring theory into practice through our test drive in Audi Blainville.

view of the engine block inside of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback

A luxurious and comfortable interior with cutting edge technology.

We were looking forward to looking at the SQ5 from the inside, but not in a hurry to start the engine. We wanted to take a few minutes to determine if Audi had put as much effort in the interior of the vehicle as it had on the exterior. Audi stayed true to its brand, and did not let us down!

The dashboard is streamlined and refined, the ergonomics are incredible, every command at a fingertip, “Hoxton” leather seats with contrasting top stitches, and Atlas carbon sport inserts. The SQ5 we test drove was a perfect mixture of luxury and comfort, allowing us to focus on what really matters: the road!

The cutting edge technology is what impressed us the most. It is simple: we had the cream of the crop, our model being the 2022 SQ5 Sportback Technik. Reared heated seats with front vents, road sign recognition, lane keeping assist system, smart speed control, heads-up display, induction charger for your smartphone and an incredible audio system signed Bang & Olufsen.

There was nothing there but the absolute best!

view of the steering wheel, central console and dashboard inside of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback

Unsurpassed sportiness in every way, yet enjoyable for everyday use!

Once we were finally ready to rev the engine, the feline roar of the V6 set the tone quickly as we left the Audi Blainville parking lot and headed out towards the closest expressway.

From the first meters we were impressed by the quality of the suspension and shock absorption. All road bumps and cracks seemed to disappear and the experience was seamless, without any shock in the seats or body, as if we were driving on a newly paved road. As for the alignment and direction, its precision is outstanding. It places itself exactly where we intend for it to go and communicates the slightest information or change in the roadway while gliding effortlessly. It’s a real pleasure!

As we arrived at the access ramp for the highway, we finally got the chance to test the acceleration potential of the SQ5. The slightest pressure on the right pedal and our 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback coup purred like a kitten and propelled us forward. It had us glued to our seats, all the while the speedometer needle seemed to have a mind of its own. We had to pay close attention to it in order not to fly above the regulatory 100 km/hr, which we reached way before we got to the highway itself!

After our heartbeats calmed to a more normal level, we decided to test the acceleration a little bit further while passing two slower moving cars. Each time we solicited the accelerator, our high-performance SUV responded with incredible power, leaving both cars far behind. The 0-100 km/hr was greatly confirmed, and it seemed to us to be much more impressive than claimed.

front view of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback driving down a road in winter

We then arrived in a series of large quick turns and decided to experiment with how our 2022 SQ5 Sportback handled the road at a greater speed. Even though its center of gravity is higher (given that it’s an SUV), it is exactly where we want it –in the front-, as the rear follows gently and everything feels low to the ground. The body is rigid and sturdy, the suspension is remarkable, and our SQ5 Sportback stuck firmly to the road on the first turn. The second turn only served to confirm this first impression, without any deviation of movement, even in the abrupt change of direction. Everything felt rigid and strong, yet comfortable and seamless. Not for one second did we feel like highway speeds were taking away from the pleasure of the experience; quite the contrary.

After a little over a dozen kilometers we decided to head back. Out of nowhere came a deluge of summer showers, which was quite unexpected given the sunny skies that were present all day. No matter, this was the perfect opportunity to test the Quattro all-wheel drive! It was clear to us why Audi has set such a high standard in the industry, as our 2022 SQ5 Sportback just seemed to glue itself to the ground regardless of the impressive amount of rain cascading down. This SUV is definitely built for the roads around the Laurentians!

rear view of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback on a winter road

Conclusion: the 2022 SQ5 Sportback is a new unbeatable SUV sport coupe in Blainville!

This is exactly how we would describe our experience and opinion of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback after our test drive. It combines all of the refined Audi esthetics and style, its high performance on all levels, with the safety and security on the road under the bleakest of conditions. Let’s not forget the cutting edge technology which surpasses without a doubt those offered by many of the other (so-called) luxury vehicles. The 2022 SQ5 Sportback definitely has it all!

Still unconvinced? Schedule your own test drive today for the Audi SQ5 Sportback with us at our dealership in Blainville, on the North-Shore of Montreal, and see for yourself! We are certain that you will come to these same conclusions. We will also inform you of all Audi offers and lease/financing programs so that you can hop into your own Audi SUV high-performance coupe. We are looking forward to sharing our passion with you!

lateral rear view of the 2022 Audi SQ5 Sportback

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