Our opinion on the 2019 Q8 following a test drive: a unique everyday machine.

By Audi Blainville
Published on 01/22/2020

With the new Q8, Audi recently scored a major hit by proposing an SUV with a very dynamic profile, while not sacrificing a priori anything in terms of versatility. However, we wanted to try one for ourselves to confirm in practice what the Ingolstadt manufacturer is promising, and then give you a real account following our test of the 2019 Audi Q8 in the surroundings of Blainville. Our opinion? The 2019 Q8 is a worthy representative of the S in SUV, with unequalled driving enjoyment and a versatility that you will daily delight in. Want more details? Keep reading this test drive of the 2019 Audi Q8 by Audi Blainville, also serving the Laurentians, here below!

A surprising slender line for such dimensions in Blainville!

Our first observation when we saw our test 2019 Audi Q8, in Dragon Orange Metallic, was clear: the new SUV coupé from Audi has first and foremost a killer style on the North Shore! Sharp headlights, large chiseled Singleframe grille and prominent wheel arches: our 2019 Q8 announces its colours from the outset. There will be sport! Very expressive, the profile of the Audi SUV is yet also elegant. Stylistically, the flamboyant colour of our model just enhances its stunning personality. In short, our opinion about the exterior body of the 2019 Audi Q8 is unanimous; we are charmed!

A very dynamic engine, perfect for the roads of the North Shore of Montreal.

Before taking place on board for our drive, we first take the time to look at what is hiding under the hood. Once we open the latter, we are not disappointed! Indeed, awaiting us is no less than an engine of 2,995 cc with six cylinders in V configuration, delivering 335 hp for 369 lb-ft of torque. Paired standard with the legendary quattro drive, this powertrain offers performances worthy of its status. The 0–100 km/h is in fact achieved in just about 6 seconds. We can’t wait for the first acceleration to get on the highway! As for the drivetrain, it’s here an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, renowned for its smoothness and efficiency. All of which means that the 2019 Q8 appears to be highly capable!

Very comfortable interior on the cutting-edge of technology.

It’s now time to take place aboard the 2019 Audi Q8. But before starting the engine, we take a few minutes to go over the interior. And as always with the four-ring manufacturer, perfection is exercised. Only materials of the highest quality were used, and the assembly is above reproach. The horizontal interior lines are very clean and also perfectly integrate the very latest technologies expected from a premium SUV coupé. Superbly integrated Audi Virtual Cockpit instead of the traditional instrument cluster, ultra intuitive MMI system with two touchscreens enabling interaction with the vehicle’s multimedia functions, it’s all there. And to enjoy this excess of innovations, there is nothing like the stunning but optional contour seats outfitted on our test model! Our opinion about the interior is irrevocable as well: it’s definitely the best there is!

On the road: unparalleled handling and very dynamic accelerations.

It’s now time to leave Blainville, on the North Shore of Montreal, for our test drive. We light up the engine, which wakes up with a refined and subdued note. We leave Audi Blainville and take Highway 15 toward Saint-Jerome. As soon as our first few meters at the wheel of the Audi SUV coupé, what strike us is the feeling of supreme comfort it offers. The road leading to the highway is not the smoothest and still, the suspension absorbs all the bumps without fail. No body movement to complain about.

We now insert ourselves on Highway 15 and take this opportunity to test the accelerations, which exceed our expectations. The thrust is powerful and vigorous, an impression confirmed when we pass our first vehicle. The engine swiftly responds every time it is engaged and confirms the 0–100 km/h performance mentioned above.

Once arrived in Saint-Jerome, we test its maneuverability in streets that are usually narrow for this type of vehicle. Surprise: the Q8 proves very nimble and its steering possesses lethal precision! It’s already time to go back to the dealership, but upon our return, snow starts to fall. We are thus able to test the quattro that equips our vehicle; as usual, Audi’s all-wheel drive remains unflappable.

Verdict: the Audi SUV coupé is extraordinary from Blainville to the Laurentians!

Outstanding comfort, noble engine, rigorous and precise behavior in all circumstances: the 2019 Q8 is truly the leader among SUV coupés, from the North Shore to the Laurentians. All that’s left for you is to ascertain for yourself the extraordinary qualities of the Q8, by booking your test drive today at Audi Blainville, your Audi dealer of choice in the eponymous city. Once on location, you will also be able to learn more about the current offers as well as the Audi leasing or financing programs, which will help you return home at the wheel of YOUR Q8. Contact us as soon as today!

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