Audi Virtual Cockpit

By Audi Blainville
Published on 02/21/2017

Cockpit Virtuel Audi

Nowadays, many race cars feature a LCD screen which displays central information such as revs or the speed. Audi took up this concept and adapted it to be used efficiently on the road by any driver.

With its high-definition color screen, the Audi Virtual Cockpit shows all the relevant road data with optimum visual comfort. Hence, you will be able to count on a numeric version of the analog rev-counter and speedometer, but also GPS navigation instructions, telephone, and songs, depending on how you have set the different parameters.

Cockpit Virtuel Audi

Indeed, you can select each piece of information you want to see on the screen. Two views are available, and are the Infotainment Mode and the Classic Mode. With the former, the central window will be brought more to the fore, while with the later, the round dials will dominate the screen. Moreover, the Audi Virtual Cockpit uses bright colors to enable easy data reading.

So don’t wait and contact one of our Audi Sport specialists at Audi Blainville, your premier Audi dealership located between Boisbriand on the Montreal’s North Shore, and St-Jerome in the Laurentians, to discover the incredible Audi Virtual Cockpit!

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