Which 4-door coupe to choose: the 2020 A5 Sportback or 2020 A7? Audi Blainville enlightens you!

By Audi Blainville
Published on 10/07/2020
2020 Audi A5 Sportback vs 2020 Audi A7 on the road

The four-door coupe: a very simple idea, which aims to offer all the stylistic advantages of a coupe variant, but with two additional doors for maximum versatility. This concept, whose origin is often attributed to Mercedes-Benz with its first-generation CLS, quickly found an echo with the public with the success that it is known for. And the other premium manufacturers were not insensitive to the success met by the “star” manufacturer, and quickly went back to their drawing boards to develop their own interpretation of what such a vehicle should be according to them. This resulted in the emergence of a real niche market dedicated to this new type of car, but also to a real range for this type of bodywork, as is the case at Audi with its stunning and very practical Audi A5 Sportback and A7. But with a wider choice, it also becomes more difficult to decide on the model best suited to one’s lifestyle. So, is it better to choose the 2020 Audi A5 Sportback or the 2020 A7 for your next new Audi? Audi Blainville, your Audi dealer of choice on the North Shore of Montreal, helps you choose the one that best suits you below!

Style: a sizeable difference in Blainville that only you can decide on!

The first chapter of comparison between the 2020 Audi A5 Sportback and the 2020 Audi A7 Sportback is the most visible: the exterior design. Both feature everything that makes up Audi’s stylistic DNA. Ultra-piercing front headlights, a very aggressive single frame grille, a low, sloping rear roof: the A5 Sportback and its big sibling the A7 rival each other in expressiveness, and both offer breathtaking lines on the roads as far as St-Jérôme.

However, there are significant differences, starting with the taillights on each vehicle. While these have similarities (similar lighting signature and chiseled shape), the latter take the form of two separate taillights for the 2020 A5, while the A7 offers a very futuristic rear light strip that runs across the entire width. Likewise, the A5 has a more visually centered passenger compartment on the side, while the A7 seems to be more set back. This gives the latter the impression of having a very long hood unlike its little sibling. Finally, the length: 4,757 mm for the 2020 A5 Sportback, compared to 4,969 mm for the 2020 A7.

Thus, it’s all a question of what you’re looking for: if you’re looking for a stocky, muscular profile, the 2020 A5 Sportback is the one for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a charismatic and imposing silhouette, the 2020 A7 Sportback will better suit you. In both cases, the integration of the two additional rear doors is very well mastered: they add real versatility without weighing down the line. A real success story!

Rear of the gray 2020 Audi A5 Sportback driving on the highway with rocky mountains in the background

Technical specifications: more agility for the 2020 A5 Sportback, more power for the 2020 A7.

As far as the specs are concerned, the 2020 A5 Sportback and the A7 Sportback are objectively much more different this time around. And this is immediately visible with the powertrains of the “standard” versions, the 2020 A5 Sportback 45 TFSI and the 2020 A7 Sportback 55 TFSI. The A5 features a supercharged four-cylinder engine with 248 hp for 273 lb-ft, which can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 6.0 seconds.

As powerful as it is, the 2020 A5 Sportback’s engine can’t match the one housed under the 2020 A7 Sportback’s hood. Indeed, in the aforementioned variant, this Audi four-door coupe is powered by a 2,995-cc V6 engine that uses turbocharged compression to deliver an impressive 335 hp for 369 lb-ft of max torque. Acceleration is logically faster, with a 0–100 km/h acceleration predicted by Audi Canada at 5.3 seconds. In terms of driveability, both vehicles are equipped with the legendary quattro drive and a highly efficient S tronic transmission, allowing both to deliver their full capabilities at all times in an optimal and easy manner, even in the middle of winter.

But after reading these few lines, you must surely think that the Audi premium mid-size four-door coupe is preferable to the A5 of the same vintage in terms of performance. If you’re looking for pure power, certainly. But if you’re looking for the best agility/horsepower ratio, the 2020 A5 Sportback, with its more compact size, is the one to turn to.

White 2020 Audi A7 Sportback driving on the highway in city

Interior: more classicism for the A5, more futurism for the A7. In both cases: unparalleled luxury!

Finally, the interior. In this last chapter, the two vehicles are similar in many respects, but distinct in many others. In terms of similarities, you can count on a cabin that is both sleek and restful, thanks in particular to a dashboard design that is both horizontal and sober. You’ll also benefit from a finish that’s unmatched in their respective segments, as is customary at Audi between Blainville and the Laurentians. As for the differences now, some of them remain in the lines, with an A5 that is more classic, with certain curves and more physical controls, compared to the A7’s cabin, which has a sharper edge and functions that can be activated via the two superimposed touchscreens in the center of the dashboard. You can also count on a larger cargo space for the A7, with a volume of 705 litres, which is much larger than the 465 litres aboard the 2020 A5.

But one thing won’t change, no matter which model and finish you choose: comfort and on-board technology, which are of the highest level. Heated and power front seats, Audi Virtual Cockpit as a dashboard, 4-zone climate control, or the premium sound system from Bang & Olufsen: depending on the vehicle and version, you’ll have everything you dream of for your daily trips between Montreal’s North Shore and the Laurentians!

Interior comparison between 2020 Audi A5 Sportback vs 2020 Audi A7Interior | 2020 A5 Sportback (up) | 2020 A7 (bottom)

Conclusion: the 2020 A7 for space and power, the A5 for agility and the more compact and muscular line.

In the end, after this comparison between the 2020 A7 Sportback and the 2020 A5 Sportback, there is no winner. Just one vehicle that’s more suited to your lifestyle than the other. So if you live in an urban environment and/or frequent small country roads, it will be the Audi compact luxury four-door coupe which, with its smaller size, will offer you unparalleled agility in twisty situations, while offering you more than comfortable power in all conditions. If, on the other hand, you live in the suburbs and/or drive mainly on the expressway and little in the city, it will be the 2020 A7 that will satisfy you the most. Still hesitating about the choice to make? Come by Audi Blainville, your Audi dealer of choice on the North Shore of Montreal, so we can advise you! You can also take a look at the Audi leasing and financing offers and programs that will allow you to get back home behind the wheel of YOUR own 2020 Audi four-door coupe. We look forward to seeing you soon at the dealership!

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